Oct. 1, 1986   DingChyi Sewing Machine Ltd. founded, the first in Taiwan, specializing in selling the cutting room equipment and spare parts. Sales: computer-aided cutting machines, typesets; auto spreading machines, straight cutter, laser marking devices, cantilever blade, universal cutters, round knife, relaxing machine, inspection machine, safety rails, scissors, belts, blades, parts...etc.
Since 1990   Agent in Japan KM and SUPRENA cutting machine sales in Taiwan.
1997   Investment in TSM(Taiwan Spreading Center Enterprise Co., Ltd.) producing cutting, automatic spreading machines; And cooperated with Eastman Technical, OEM to provide the U.S. Eastman, automatic spreading machines, cantilevered cutter, universal cutting machine, cutting machine, sold around the world.
1999   Investment and production laser marking devices.
2005   Star Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. and joint-sharp Rui Ding, vertical cutting machine production
2011   Investment and production: safety rails and steam milling relaxing machine. Addition of foreign trade, Taiwan cutting machinery and equipment, selling in the world.